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A PKI Rant: the Free (as in free beer) Certificate Problem ⋅ Plume
First, I find amusing that many people like to quote "if that is free, then you are the product", but when it comes to Let's Encrypt, they forget this statement and enjoy their certificates carelessly.
Debunking the fallacy that paid certificates are better than free certificates, and other related nonsense
Those that know me or have followed me online will know I'm a massive advocate of encryption on the web. One of my goals is to help encrypt as much of the web as I can by sharing knowledge and information, building tools and services, speaking at conferences and countless other things. I see this blog post as part of that mission.
Russia-backed website gets security certificate yanked | McClatchy Washington Bureau
Russian-funded English-language website aimed at sowing divisions among Americans has had a vital internet security certificate yanked, meaning U.S. internet users will have difficulty accessing the site.